Monday, 28 January 2013

2013 AKA 'The Year of Lists'

Over the past month I've been having a tidy up Chez Bored, and have come to the conclusion that I lack follow through.  I found nearly a dozen half finished craft projects, a box of empty picture frames waiting to be filled and hung, nearly a dozen books sat unread on their digital Kindle shelf and worst of all, an extra stone of flub hanging despondently from my middle. 

Now, I'm not one for New Years Resolutions (ahem, see my earlier comment about follow through), but this year I did promise myself that there would be No More Bullshit.  So it's time to apply that to myself.  No More Bullshit Heather means I need to get the following things done by the end of this year:

- Finish the knitting projects you started.  Do not buy anymore yarn until your current house sized stash is all used up.  Oh, and stop knitting the baby hats.  He will never wear them.

- Finish the sewing projects you started.  Do not buy anymore fabric until your current house sized stash is used up. 

- Finish the books you have bought and never read.  Do not buy anymore... seeing a pattern here?

Also, since you're going to be taking part in the Bupa Great Manchester Run in May, I should get my flubby jubbly self into my trainers and out of the house a couple of times of week.  Will let you know how that one goes. 

So yeah, 2013 is the year I actually finish my to-do lists.  Rather than packing them carefully into boxes and storing them under the bed in favour of watching re-runs of Criminal Minds.